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 What to visit
In Chimoio, the heroes square is a testimony to independence. The Mosque is worthy of a visit as is also the Provincial Library, housed in a typical colonial era building.

In Manica village, after passing through the charming historic gates, is the Geology Museum installed in a beautiful colonial house and where on show is a varied and rare collection of the minerals and rocks to be found in this region.
Near Vila Manica, is the fort of Macequece, built by the Portuguese to strengthen their hold on the land where they established themselves after the agreement made with the ancient Monomotapa Empire.

About 5 Km from Chimoio, is “Cabeça do Velho” (the Old Man’s Head), an incredible natural stone formation resembling profile of an old man’s face.

A little further on, about 50 Km from Chimoio, in Revué is the Chicamba Real Dam, and about one Km higher up is a belvedere providing a magnificient view over the lake. Bird watchers can find numerous species of exotic and rare birds in this region.

Chinhamapere, is a sacred place for the local inhabitants. Here the paintings engraved on rocks testify to the presence of the ancient people who once lived here.

About 20 Km north of Manica, near the frontier with Zimbabwe, are the Penhalonga mountains inhabited by the Shonas who paint their traditional houses in various colours made from mixing clays.
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