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Zambezia is situated in the Centre/North part of the country, bordered on the North by the Provinces of Nampula and Niassa, to the South by Sofala, to the West by Malawi and the Province of Tete and to the East, the Indian Ocean.

Facing the Indian Ocean, the vegetation changes as the land becomes higher. On the low plains, near the coast, there are vast areas of palm trees.

Higher up at Gurué the green tea plantations blend with the cotton plantations and the colourful fruit orchards.

On the flat coastline, next to the river Bons Sinais, so called by Vasco da Gama when he discovered that he was finally on the right route to India, is the town of Quelimane capital of the Province and an important trading port.

A little further south, on the mouth of the river Zambezi, is Chinde, once a main sugar producing centre and possibly the oldest settlement in Zambezia.

Zambezia, with its many rivers and green valleys is the natural habitat of a wide variety large mammals and birds.

The main reserves are Gilé, in the district of the same name, the natural reserve of Derre, in the District of Morrumbala, home of the gray palapala and the hunting reserve of Madal Safaris in the District of Chinde, home of a wideVariety of birds.

The main ethnic groups are the Chuabos, the Lomwè and the Macuas.

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